• Overview

      Last modified: 17 Sep 2020

      # Preview

      Barada is a code generator. It allows the generation of projects with compatible frameworks.
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      # Barada, a unique solution

      With a different approach, Barada allows you to fully generate your project with simple and adapted tools: create CDMs, enter your data and manage in an optimized way the different languages that your application will have to support.

      # Goal

      In the short term, the platform plans to automate the production of repetitive source code in order to minimize the risk of errors and allow the programmer to concentrate on writing specific code.
      In the long term, Barada's goal will be to allow you to define the workflow of your application and offer you a whole ecosystem in order to save you more than 90% of the time that you should have spent on manually setting up your application. project.

      # Intuitive and easy to use design

      Clean, simple and functional, Barada's interface looks great on both mobile and desktop. The work area is designed to allow optimum use of the platform. With the various possibilities it offers, Barada will become an essential tool for generating and developing your projects online.

      # Simplicity

      Barada is designed in a simple and consistent manner for intuitive and enjoyable use for anyone with application development skills.

      # Multi-language

      Create an application in different languages without making detours through translation sites, this is possible on Barada.
      Francais, english, español… several languages are generated by the platform.

      # Compatibility

      For its first version, Barada supports the Laravel Framework, ideal for beginners as well as for those experienced in PHP. Easy to learn, Laravel has complete and intuitive documentation.

      # Future frameworks

      Support for other frameworks is expected in future releases, to provide a wide range of choices for an architecture consistent with your projects.

      # Ecosystem

      Barada is in constant development and continuous improvement. Its ecosystem is maintained by a hard-working team for regular updates.

      # Join the community now

      Several developers around the world use Barada. You can join them now to expand the community.
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