Release Notes

01 DEC
V 1.0


  • Design with ERD
    • Tools
      • Mover : The Move Tool is used to move path as Table, NameSpace or Text
      • Hand : The Hand Tool lets us click and drag the modeling area around on the screen to view different areas.
      • NameSpace : The NameSpace Tool is used to add a NameSpace to the modeling area
      • Table : The Table Tool is used to add a Table to the modeling area
      • Text : The Text Tool is used to add a Text to the modeling area
      • Relation 1-1 : The 1-1 Tool is used to set a One to One relation between two tables
      • Relation 1-n : The 1-n Tool is used to set a One to Many relation between two tables
      • Relation n-n : The n-n Tool is used to set a Many to Many relation between two tables
      • Eraser : That Tool is used to remove a path from the modeling area
      Area selector is able to select the size of the NameSpace
    • Export as
      • PNG : Image without background
      • JPEG : Image with white background
    • Template
      • Save table as template
      • Insert new table from the template list
    • Undo & Redo
      • Undo : to undo changes
      • Redo : to repeat actions
    • Shortcuts
      You have to select the modeling area before
      • Ctrl+S : Save
      • Ctrl+Alt+S : Save with tag
      • Ctrl+Z : Undo
      • Ctrl+Y : Redo
      • Ctrl+D : Duplicate selected path
      • Delete : Delete selected path
      • Ctrl+A : Select All
      • Shift+N : Add new NameSpace
      • Alt+T : Add new Table
      • Alt+N : Add new Text Note
      • Ctrl+I : Export as png image
      • Shift+I : Export as jpeg image
    • Navigator
      presents a global view of the modeling space
    • Paths manager
      Manage the order of paths
    • Properties manager
      Manage the properties of select path
  • Language manager
    • Keys manager
      • Container : Create keys container
      • Keys : Create key and set its value
    • Translators
      • Yandex
      • Google translator
  • Seeder
    Fill manually the sheet of each table
  • Export your project
    • Laravel : Standard project with CRUD

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